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Thursday, 26th of January 2023
Time in Guatemala City Now Current time in Guatemala City Guatemala with seconds according to the official atomic clock.
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What Time in Guatemala City Now

You can compare the current time in Guatemala City now with the exact time in different cities.

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What Time is It in Guatemala City

Many of those who ask what time is it in Guatemala City now want to make a call at a more convenient time.

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In this section you will learn the main facts about the current time in Guatemala City.
The IANA time zone identifier for Guatemala City is America/Guatemala.

Please be aware that Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not used in Guatemala City.

Without DST clocks do not change in Guatemala City, keeping the same UTC offset throughout the year.

Facts About Guatemala City
  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Dial Code: +502
  • Elevation: 1,500 m
  • Population: 2,934,841[
  • Currency: Quetzal (GTQ)
  • Latitude: 14°38′N
  • Longitude: 90°30′W
  • Official Language: Spanish

How Many Time Zones in Guatemala City

Information for Travelers

Guatemala City is the capital of the Central American country Guatemala.

Despite being six times smaller than Texas, Guatemala is a remarkably diverse country, home to stunning landscapes, Mayan culture, lush jungle, dry highlands and ancient ruins.

The city is known for its high altitude, Mayan history and nearby volcanoes.

You can roast marshmallows atop active volcanoes, swim among crystal blue waterfalls, explore ancient ruins and hike through lush rainforests, all in one trip.

Guatemala City is definitely a nature lover's paradise, but it's also home to unique Mayan culture and some cool cities to explore.

Walk through the seemingly endless labyrinth of underground passages to explore the lively Central Market.

It may not be as pretty as the open-air markets of Antigua or Chichicastenango, but the crafts found here are often much cheaper.

Cervecería Centroamericana has been brewing the mainstay of Guatemalan beer since 1886, and most visitors to the country have already tried Gallo, its flagship beer.

It may be small, but the Guatemala City Botanical Garden is very, very beautiful.

Located at the northern end of Zone 10, the gardens contain an impressive collection of plants that are managed by the University of San Carlos.

To the south of the city, paths lead to the active volcano Pacaya.


Located inside the Fransisco Marroquin University, this elegant and modern museum documents the different stages of Guatemala's indigenous culture and history.

Guatemala City can often be overlooked by tourists in favor of colonial Antigua, beautiful Lake Atitlan or beautiful Flores, the gateway to Tikal.

In the central Plaza Mayor, also called Parque Central, is the Catedral Primada Metropolitana de Santiago church; it is decorated with colonial-era paintings and sacred sculptures.

The National Palace of Culture, Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, has a balcony overlooking the square.

The Guatemala City Zoo is well maintained and organized, and if you're an animal lover, it's a great way to while away a few hours.

The zoo has several exhibit areas, including the African savannah, the Asian subcontinent, the Mesoamerican tropics, and a farm.

The Museo Ixchel de Traje Indigena offers visitors the opportunity to learn about Guatemala's iconic Mayan textiles.

On the north side of Parque Central is the magnificent Presidential Palace.

Built between 1936 and 1943 by prisoners on the orders of the infamous dictator General Jorge Ubico, today this palatial building is a museum and cultural center.

Formerly a military stronghold, Guatemala's National Theater is made up of five different complexes and boasts incredible acoustics and views of the city.

Inspired by Mayan culture, the theater takes the form of the volcanoes that surround it and hosts spectacular shows, from ballets to operas and concerts.

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