Eastern Standard Time Now


Saturday, 4th of February 2023
Eastern Standard Time Now Current Eastern time zone with seconds according to the official atomic clock.
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What Time is it Eastern Standard Time Right Now?

You can compare the Eastern Standard Time right now with the exact time in different cities.

Use our time zone converter ​below:
Los Angeles
3 hours
3 hours
1 hours
1 hours
New York0
Sao Paulo+2 hours
London+5 hours
UTC+5 hours
Lagos+6 hours
Paris+6 hours
Zurich+6 hours
Cairo+7 hours
Johannesburg+7 hours
Istanbul+8 hours
Moscow+8 hours
Dubai+9 hours
Mumbai+10.5 hours
Hong Kong+13 hours
Shanghai+13 hours
Singapore+13 hours
Tokyo+14 hours
Sydney+16 hours
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What is Eastern Standard Time?

Many of those who ask what time is it Eastern Standard Time now want to make a call at a more convenient time.

We have some useful links at the bottom of the page collected for you by the experts on our team.

In this section you will learn the main facts about the current time zone.
The IANA time zone identifier for Eastern Standard Time is America/New_York and America/Toronto.

Please be aware that Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not used in this time zone.

Without DST clocks do not change in this time zone, keeping the same UTC offset throughout the year.


Where is Eastern Standard Time?

The exact specification for the location of time zones and the dividing line between time zones is set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations at 49 CFR 71.

This is currently the easternmost time zone in the United States and the second easternmost in Canada.

It covers all or part of 23 US states and three Canadian provinces or territories.

It is also used in other countries such as:

Eastern Standard Time States

In the United States, this time zone includes:
This is Canada's most populous time zone and is present in most of Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut and the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico.

In South America, the Brazilian states of Acre and the southwestern part of Amazonas use this time zone.

When Does Eastern Standard Time Change?

Currently, the standard uniform time is maintained in each section to track the day and night cycle.

Because it is convenient to keep the same time in economic or political areas nearby.

This means that people in each geographic region within a time zone use the same time.

All these zones are defined by an offset of Coordinated Universal Time by a number of hours from UTC-12 to UTC+14.

Being centered on the 0° prime meridian since 1884: the Greenwich meridian.

The current use of time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions more often.

Consequently, the shift line for this time zone starts after the end of UTC-4 and ends at the beginning of UTC-6.

Eastern Standard Time Map

Map of Eastern Standard Time
Nearly half of the US population lives in this time zone that stretches north of Canada and south of Panama, near the equator.

As seen in the map above, the main cities in this time zone are:
You need to be very careful when you encounter time zones that may have similar names and abbreviations but have a different UTC offset.

While in other regions you will also find some time zones with the same offset from this time zone.

But they may be found under a different name in other countries like:
  • Acre Time (ACT)
  • Cayman Islands Standard Time (CIST)
  • Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • Colombia Time (COT)
  • Cuba Standard Time (CST)
  • Easter Island Summer Time (EASST)
  • Ecuador Time (ECT)
  • Peru Time (PET)
  • Romeo Time Zone

Information for Travelers

Many travelers look for unforgettable itineraries for trips to the Eastern US and Canada.

We recommend visiting the amazing cities listed above, such as New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and Orlando.

Eat, shop and explore in Toronto, Quebec and Montreal.

Move from one fascinating landscape to another and encounter the breathtaking beauty of magnificent Niagara Falls in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Sip a chilled wine, taste maple syrup and experience local life along the way.

See the iconic White House and don't miss your chance to visit Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Travel with ease, discover world-famous cities and always be well informed about the exact time in this time zone.

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