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Sonic Hours Today Near Me Now

Sonic Hours Near Me

Are you researching the best fast food times in the world? So check out all the times and some more special tips so you don't miss the delights of the restaurant!

But remember to use the locator list that Sonic drive in itself offers on its official website. In this list you can find the best time and place with the best ratings.

Choose hours for Sonic near me by state:

What Time Does Sonic Open Today

Sonic has several alternative times so that you can place your order without worrying about traditional times. That's right! The fast food chain is perfect for those who need to leave early to work, for example.

So, if you are very hungry and craving the true delights of this restaurant. So be sure to check what is the best time for you to get organized.

Sonic opening hours today is:

  • Sonic hours on Monday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Tuesday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Wednesday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Thursday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Friday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Saturday - πŸ•“ 6:00 am
  • Sonic hours on Sunday - πŸ•“ 9:00 am

What Time Does Sonic Close Today

Generally sonic drive-in closing times are between 9:00pm. However they can vary on weekends.

One of the main competitive advantages of the network, according to consumers, is the timetable, fast and efficient service and a great price.

So, for those who want fast-food snacks, Sonic is a great choice. It's very fast and cheap, yet it still tastes good!

Sonic closing time today is:

  • Monday - πŸ•“ 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday - πŸ•“ 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday - πŸ•“ 9:00 pm
  • Thursday - πŸ•“ 9:00 pm
  • Friday - πŸ•“ 10:00 pm
  • Saturday - πŸ•“ 10:00 pm
  • Sunday - πŸ•“ 9:00 pm

Sonic Hours Holidays 2023

See the complete list of all US Holidays 2023 and stay informed about the Sonic hours of operation ​on these special days.

Sonic hours for holidays is extremely busy during the vacations as people tend to cook large meals for family and friends. they don't seem to be always open on the particular holidays during the year so try the Sonic holiday schedule below so you'll plan accordingly.

Sonic closes shop on July 4. This comes as no surprise, as the superstore tends to shut it's doors on most major holidays, Independence Day included.

Please note that local stores reserve the proper to alter hours as they deem necessary.

Sonic Hours on Holidays 2023

  • New Years Day - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • Martin Luther King Day - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • President's Day - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Good Friday - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Easter - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • Memorial Day - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • July 4th - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • Labor Day - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Columbus Day - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Veterans Day - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Thanksgiving Eve - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Thanksgiving Day - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • Black Friday - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Christmas Eve - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.
  • Christmas Day - βœ–οΈ Stores closed.
  • New Year's Eve - πŸ•“ Regular Hours.

Breakfast hours

Sonic starts serving breakfast at 6:00 am, but this is not the universal time for Sonic, as this time may vary depending on the store's location.

Typically, most Sonic restaurants start serving breakfast at 6am or 7am or 8am, the best thing you can do is find the nearest restaurant chain and find out the exact times for breakfast.

Additionally, the chain is known for its county-wide breakfast. The restaurant's menu offers several varieties of burritos, sandwiches and toasters, as mentioned in the menu above.

Different hours:

Sonic is different from all other large fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King because they serve breakfast all day, unlike other restaurants that only serve breakfast for a specific time period.

The best part about Sonic is that you can get the full menu 24/7 at Sonic Drive-In restaurants, which makes it special compared to other restaurants.

About Sonic Store

Juicy burgers, irresistible hot dogs, crispy french fries, a refreshing lemonade or creamy milkshakes served in the car by friendly and skilful roller-skating attendants in the best drive-in style.

Vintage atmosphere, fast service and quality food. That's how the SONIC DRIVE-IN network has captivated millions of Americans in the fast-food segment for decades.

An iconic brand with a rich heritage, SONIC is America's drive-in.

Currently, SONIC, the largest fast-food drive-in network in the American market, has more than 3,540 restaurants spread across 46 states across the country.

In addition, the network employs 90,000 people and has annual sales of US$ 5.7 billion (2020 data). SONIC, the fourth-largest hamburger-based network in the US market, serves more than 3 million customers daily.

Americans' favorite brand

Even in an age where fast food giants reign, SONIC DRIVE-IN is one of the most loved and popular brands among Americans.

With a familiar concept, SONIC has become an experience shared by generations of Americans. That's why it is one of the favorite places for families to celebrate birthdays or important dates.

After all, customers hit the red order button and magical things happen.

Everything with agility and differentiated service. And this admiration is why the brand maintains the roots and nostalgia of the drive-in system, complete with friendly skate attendants, intercoms and classic American made-to-order snacks.

The differential

Despite a standard SONIC restaurant, the customer enters a β€œcar park” where there are several covered drive-ins. There, he can place orders through an intercom speaker system and receive food directly in the vehicle.

That's why most of their units also offer outdoor and indoor patio tables and the drive-thru system.

Always thinking of customer comfort, the chain recently launched a mobile application for advance orders. This took personalization even further, thus creating a complete experience straight from the cell phone (is there anything better than arriving at the restaurant with your order practically ready?).

A curiosity: popularly known for the use of carhops on skates, since 1994 SONIC has organized a festive competition to determine the best and most skillful carhop on the net.

Use the Map – Find the Sonic Drive-in near to you.

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